Another day another Dollar

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

It’s early. Before the sun is up. You’ve hardly slept. You fell asleep last night to thoughts of what your day would look like. Now it’s here. You got to the dealership at least an hour before everyone else. You are working for the best manufacturer, the best private owner and you love your peers and support team. The rest is up to you.

It can wear on you though. You’ve made more mistakes in the car business over the years than others will ever even have a chance to make.

your family has sacrificed too. Always supportive, helping you stay positive and reminding you what you are working for.

you have missed countless hours of quality time with your husband, wife, partner, spouse and kids to “sell” someone a car.

The people that you sell these cars to for the most part, look at you as scum. Worthless. Overpaid.

Now they are trying to eliminate us, turn us into robots 🤖. They don’t understand. We are the heartbeat of the economY. It’s why Obama bailed us out! They will never get rid of us. We the proud car salesman and car sales women of the universe are here to stay.

Go out and buy yourself something nice. Remind yourself that it’s all worth it.

Do not be afraid of the success. It will be worth it. Keep learning; yet don’t change the wheel. Keep it simple; yet stay on the cutting edge. It’s all black and white; yet there is a gray area. Wait, no there‘s Not. Wait... yes ...there is ...

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