by Sam Bright October 5,2018

Elon Musk must have been the first to create electric automobiles but that does not mean that there cannot be many other ‘firsts’ as far as innovations in the automobile industry is concerned. And that first is not far fetched. It is undoubtedly in the trendy block chain sphere, it is in Auto Sales Wear.

Auto Sales Wear is a concept born out of the idea that the Automobile sales industry can enjoy the business side of things as well as leisure, while still maintaining the auto side of life via fashion. This at once appeals to the psychological state for the auto sales man as he prides himself in the noble profession of auto sales . Yes, fashion meets cryptocurrency and autosales. What a tripartite union!

The founder , Joshua Deane Wilcox having spent 20 years in the auto industry, from retail to wholesale wanted to ensure that the profession he loves so much is not left behind in this postmodern world and ultimately cryptocurrencies hegemony. He has thus come up with this Auto sales wear token.

Over the years he has searched for the most comfortable, stylish wears specifically away from work. A typical work week in the auto business surpasses 60 hours if one is to be successful; therefore salespeople need a way to unwind, relax, be comfortable and look cool on their days off. He has found it in his company Auto Sales Wear and token ASW.

The company will be giving customers an opportunity to participate in blockchain and crypto currency. They will be giving out FREE tokens (ASW) to each customer that transacts Auto Sales Wear through any of their verified outlets. Customers will be able to use their tokens for future purchase; creating a sustaining means of value outside any exchange and price speculation.

The unique idea behind this concept is that once a shirt or dress (as the case may be) is produced and sold, it will never be duplicated again. Every fabric designed comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. Each certificate will provide information on how to download the HTMLCOIN wallet to receive complimentary ASW tokens. This is where value is derived.

Of the 100,000,000 ASW tokens created, there will be airdrops, bounties and direct giveaways. 70% of the tokens will be freely distributed by methods of piece of fashion sales while 10% will be used for the development of ASW token. 20% ASW token will be allocated to the founding team. You can get some free bounties by doing some basic tasks on the telegram group.

ASW was built on the hybrid bitcoin and ethereum platform of HTMLCOIN and althash blockchain, Transactions are thus fast, efficient and cheap. As an HRC20 tokens it will be listed on the htmlcoin bunker, an exchange off the althash community that will list htmlcoin as a base pair.

However, ASW does not see its organization as a crytpocurrency company. They simply want to contribute to the growth of fintech as well as the althash blockchain of HTMLcoin. They don’t intend to charge monetary value for their tokens eventhough they are working towards getting it listed on exchanges.

With this, Joshua Wilcox just etched his name on the annals of history as far as auto-fashion industry and the autosales profession is concerned. If we call him the Elon Musk of that industry, it will be an understatement because Josh has just carved a niche for himself as king of the auto sales wear jungle. This is the future!

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